Autumn 2017

Yes, it’s arrived just in time! To ease our readers into those autumn days and provide some interesting new material to our readers , our Autumn mini-edition of Snap has appeared!

We have new works that we want to share with you from some new writers. We’ll be publishing one work per week (On Mondays) and look forward to you reading them, and returning to read more from writers out there who we feel don’t usually get much of a voice in the wider literary community.

In this edition, we have once again included works of fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry demonstrating the diversity of voices such writing can produce.

We’ve also included a couple of works, sent to us by previous contributors, that we think fit the bill this time around.

Reading this online journal is not, though, a one-way street. We encourage all our readers to send comments via our website and look forward to feedback. In addition, you can join our email list, as we anticipate being able to publish others works in future editions of snap.

So it’s over to you, and time to snap out of those approaching winter doldrums and read the stuff we’ve put on the website. Enjoy!
The Team at