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Out of the Dark

By Lisa Eskinazi

When the darkness dares me to stray
Yet it is comfortable in its beckoning
The familiar drop in the pit of my gut
An aching, longing for human touch

Dishes splurged…
Escape the constraints of my sink
A clock that ticks
Just a little too loud

Recycled air fused with days of dust
From windows shut tight
And blinds that encompass my world
A safe bubble I hide in

Lists cover the table
My grand plans of three am
Only to die
With the clasp of my coffee mug at seven

The should and should not’s of life
Plague and tear at my mind
I resist and fight and then…
at last the sunrise

Relief with morning light
As the trains begin to ramble past
And I can hear the neighbour’s chatter
I slide the door open just a crack

The icy air caresses my skin
It consumes my lungs
I can breathe again…
I can breathe


  1. I liked the realistic build up in this poem and the
    simple yet dramatic ending. It reminds me of a day spent
    indoors wanting to stay in my little cave.

  2. I identify with this so much; it is beautiful.

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