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Flat wine with tequila

By Karen Murphy

I drink flat wine with tequila
because it’s 3am
and the bottle shops are closed.

It tastes watered down
like espresso coffee,
served in a cheap holiday mug
from the Philippines,
a trip I never went on.

I lie sprawled out
on my Kmart pillow
like a starfish
that’s curved around a rock
and stuck in place,
they may have pulled me off
and passed me around
like a joint
but fishing laws dictate
they have to put me back
when they’re done.

I am a starfish and my life
is a small rock pool;
it is too far in for me to be washed out
by the tide
and the water
makes for a clear viewing window;

so watch me self-destruct
in this bottle of wine,
watch me drown in my tequila.


  1. That’s the thikinng of a creative mind

  2. Raw and amazingly relatable

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