Smiling man in a wheelchair working at his computerJust imagine an artist in a wheelchair approaching a publishing house to pitch a story. Their path is blocked by something as mundane but frustrating as a flight of steps. Picture a person who is Deaf in their attempt to persuade an editor over the phone and through an interpreting service that they have an idea that could knock the socks off a generation. How is a person with chronic fatigue issues going to persuade an editor that they simply do not have the energy to meet a deadline. How can they complete the work in a timely manner when they can hardly lift a mouse? How can a person with mental health challenges sell themselves when perhaps their hair looks like it has been fed through a blender or that their jeans would interest a palaeontologist? It’s enough to make anyone snap.

Persons with disabilities face hurdles enough to make a bald man’s hair curl.

Snap is here to meet that need. Our vision is to encourage these groups to snap into action, to speak out in their own voices. We want to demonstrate that those groups have something worthwhile to say and can articulate it in a clear and engaging manner. The aim is to represent our contributors with a high literary standard, comparable to any other artistic publication in the field.

WE also wish to provide the space for contributors to speak on any matter on their hearts. They should not be boxed into writing simply on personal issues such as disability. We wish to assert that as people first, our writers should speak on and explore any subject that fires their passion.

It doesn’t stop there. We, the team at Snap, not only wish to empower other artists with disability, we desire as persons with disability ourselves, to draw together a body of work which will cause the broad artistic community to sit up, take notice, acknowledge that these writers have literary value in their own right.

We aim to foster a online dialogue between contributors and between writers and their readers.
In this edition of Snap, we have selected a diversity of fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry demonstrating the broad range of voices passionate to speak. We are initially presenting nine works but stay tune to our website as there are many more snappy offerings to come.
This first edition of Snap is simply the beginning of a journal for artists with disability or who are Deaf. We further aim to foster and build talent and build confidence in our contributors that they have something to say and that they have stories that the broader community are eager to hear.

In short we just wish to mount those steps, submit on time and don a new pair of jeans in our pathway to full recognition as fully fledged artists. Let’s snap to it.