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Deceitful Lies by One Believing He is a Prize

By Lauren Hancock

Deceitful lies, a permanent guise, does she not realise he continually pulls the wool over her eyes? She remains true to her man, full of loyalty and strength as she offers her hand, unbeknownst to herself, he is the one invariably pulling aside, reaching for other unwitting female’s hands. With the females he promises and expresses undue trust, that with his cleverly manipulated words and cheeky mannerisms his future company is a surety, permeating truths a definite must. The women who take in his winding words are somewhat disbelieving, for in the past his tunes have been heard, not as an ongoing calling. Time and again he disappeared, no positive behaviour to commend, yet each time the spurting is again a beginning, the females wish to believe they will be the ones gaining. For it is his company they desire, not the subsequent action of the hour, this is what he seeks, with his inability to the females and his beloved yet naïve woman to commit. Although he commits to her in partial, the other women are exposed to his positive coercion, only temporarily though, for months in between are his desertions.

Specific wordings are never provided, only prolonged moments then periods of aching and wondering. They contemplate why they have been quietly rejected, after having provided what he sought, their manner is initially wholeheartedly dejected. Over time though, they learn to cope with the hastened exits, they understand that this is his pattern, that in time, there will be the chance for another connection. And so they wait, time carefully ticking by, for the chance to allow enough time between to contact, to have their hearts brim and the wonder in their eyes sparkle and fly. For this man seems to possess some magical skill, to erase temporary hurt, to make good of his ill. Within his presence with another he can easily reconnect, weaving tunes of seduction and thrill, how could one deny that which he seeks even though you know giving yourself again can only lead to demise and a sense of fostering his ill intent? In these moments the conversations are stilled, the women have been coerced into behaviour neither prudent nor moral because he sought his thrills. What better way to live upon the edge than to cheat upon his partner, in the darkness away from her he can escape, into the arms of one he deems as less  significant than his other?

Surely she must have possessed an inkling, how could she not notice his moments of absences which must certainly be ongoing? For the pattern of this male is this, he wishes to be sexually satisfied, but his lacking of loyalties to the extraneous women are incredibly remiss. He performs nothing to foster their involvement, simply waits for the moment they contact, and if in a mood to favour them, his presence he will display to them. Yet it is to be wondered how both his lover and the others are not aware of the guise, of the ongoing cheating, the superfluousness of his lies. How he manages to feel little of his deceit may be beyond most people, surely his cheating would haunt him within his dreams. Perhaps he possesses little or no form of conscience, that he deems enough of his time and behaviour is spent making his lover feel as though she is his princess. What may not occur to him is that even though they have promised one another their hands, his adultery is enough for her to be at pains to potentially discover, for her heart to shatter, their alliance to quickly disband.

If it were not for a clever female and her accomplice, an attempt to expose this male would never have come into place. Through the mannerisms of subtle investigation, she and her female other discovered where his true loyalties were laid. They both felt an uprising of rage, a desire to bring the ignorant partner upon the correct page, and with the underlying motive of retribution and revenge for playing with the female on his own manner of set stage, the process began. The exposure should have both hastened the end and  further enraged emotions saved.

The tale did not unfold according to plan, his significant other decided to stand stoically by her man. Even when the proof of words exchanged between the female and the male was visible, in obvious detail, she chose to block the channels, to ignore, to cast aside and revile. It seemed apparent it was easier to turn upon unknown others, despite the evidence of his lacking of ardour. Despite the sexual allusions within the messages which were provided, perhaps they were not clear enough for her mind to be subtly divided. She remained loyal, at least that is what is assumed. At times, the female once involved in the situation lies within her bed, contemplating the thoughts of him whilst in her room. Despite his habit of cheating, which is something she could never have believed she would play a part in, even unknowingly, she wondered what it would be like to be a part of his life properly. With his present relationship discarded, a possible relationship with him after the fact, a new narrative, a different method of attack. Would it ever work? Would he treat her in a manner the same, as the female he is currently with, her first name similar to hers, oh, what’s in a name? Every time they met there was a spark, the warmth of a flame. She believed he felt it too, that the glow was felt the same.

Although like his significant other who was continually deceived, it took years for the other female to understand why her side he would appear and then for months, with no explanation, leave. Somehow each time she forgave him, enough to regain her desire and be the one to contact, and each time she understood what role she must and was expected to take. However, she was willing to provide, for it was his character that she treasured, his presence that would make her heart beat rise, not cause it to abate, but flutter. It was his cheekiness, his manner of play that made her time with him feel well spent. Although she remained firm within her mind that sexually she would not provide, most oftentimes he succeeded with what he sought, he would barely need to try. Simply pressing, persisting, cajoling her would be enough. Before certain actions he spent long durations assuring her that after the moment he would not desert her again, of this she could feel strong. All he wanted was a little bit of action, a touch, a tease, an interaction, surely that was not much to provide? She would nod numbly, she could not disagree there was an attraction.

Would this female take him back after knowing his behaviour to her, would she place herself proudly by the side of an outed cur? Strangely she would, for his power over her was that which seemed to be easily mistook. Though she knew she may be the one cheated on in a future case, she had her own desires, for him, for the positivities of his character she could always seem to relate. This is the problem with associating with men who are charming. Their inactions or poor behaviours are deflected by the positives which are utterly disarming. Women look aside from the problems, the visible signs and proof that they could be the ones in future dire straits. They simply wish to grasp upon that man and the moment when it feels as though she is his, despite the hours in which they creep through the darkness to disguise their behaviours ever so late.

Yet it  does not appear wise to rush into another’s arms, for his past behaviour and trickery filled mindset would only cause a woman’s desires to cave and starve. She would be likely only be known of and viewed as a fool, her widened eyes encircling the darkened park, not even a comfortable bedroom. Their places for fondling were never afforded a spaciousness of comfortability, only the display of moonlight and stars in a galaxy’s widened abyss and gloom. Here they acted in secrecy, here they cemented their lustful glue.

How could a future alliance be truthful, when her presence shall likely be concealed? She cannot allow him to dictate ever, this was the role he was provided despite herself being adamantly in control, all through her longing. His lies are no longer concealed. The many moments of his when he deserted and she then turned, involved his character being taken into account as worthy of loathing and mockery. Despite her best efforts, she had failed to discern. There could only be one option for them foretold, history has a habit of repeating itself. She would pursue, hoping to be held closely within his arms, the welcoming, a heralding, a place where she felt comfortable and belonged. Yet within the moment of caressing she would understand this knowingly, she shan’t remain forever, for some reason she is deemed unworthy. She is not the one selected, perhaps her manner is in some way too rough. For anything more than a temporary coupling, perhaps she shall never be deemed good enough. The chosen other, his princess, his woman instated with relationship power, may remain ignorant with the shared adultery knowledge, although the unintentional other woman has now reconsidered and decided whether she shall deliver.

Although there is a chance to regain contact, to have that one night with him amongst the blustering breeze, she understands that sometimes the past is better left in the past, there were moments, but they have been had, most laden with deceit. It is no coincidence that each time he wished to flee. Her future return in his life may be viewed as an unwanted interference, something which could cause a cesspool wavering with his future pressure, insinuated lies and relentless physical persistence. Leave the past, live within the present. Do not create ripples, neither cause new fissures. Do not backtrack upon the pathway into the chance of receiving preposterous lies in all manner of ways to be delivered. The woman is wiser these days. Her heart shall remain beating for herself, not for ill-fated promises and windingly endless conversational trails.


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  1. Magnificent! A hearty tale which rhymed splendidly.

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