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Sammie Oliver

I’m a 21-Year-old writer from East Gippsland living with Bipolar and Anxiety disorders. I’ve loved writing since I was a small child, creating imaginary lives where I can escape to and be anyone, anywhere. I write horror, fantasy and sci-fi adult fiction that often explores the dark sides of society and humanity.

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Shanygne Davis

An avid lover of of coffee, puns and all things language, Shanygne is a Physics & IT/Education student who advocates for mental health. She only dabbles in political poetry during one of her hypo-manic episodes – an intense mood associated with her diagnosis. She aspires to show that disability is not scary and debilitating but more like her own motto ” welcome to mental illness, you are now (unlimited)”.

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Rebecca Maxwell

Rebecca Maxwell has written a book ”Blind and Busy” containing interviews by those benefiting from braille. Her works include a collection of poetry called Other senses” exploring sensory input other than sight. She has written poetry for children which looks at everyday experience. Rebecca describes poetry as soul fulfilling.

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Antonio Iannella

Antonio is a musician, a songwriter and a stroke survivor. After three-months of rehabilitation relearning to sit, stand, walk and talk Antonio developed a one-handed piano playing technique enabling him to compose music. His stroke also provided an opportunity to pursue his love for writing.

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Stephanie Dower

Steph Dower loves all things related to travel and entertainment. When she’s not off on adventures or falling in love with characters, she works as a freelance filmmaker. To date, she has worked on short films, documentaries, and TV commercials. You can check out Steph’s work at

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Megan Bailey

Megan Bailey lives in Melbourne. Her poetry has been published in a number of literary journals, and she is currently working on a series about mental illness, of which “Sundial” is a part. 

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Carly Buchanan

Karley Wright is a mother of two. Her mother died when Karley was eight setting her on a path of self doubt.At sixteen Karley lost her own son After a crisis she sought help from family and health professionals and now lives life positively rather than just surviving it.

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Bec Vandyk

Bec is an artist, mother, and masters of public health student. She writes because of curiosity. “I pursue the out-of-the-ordinary, to find out about it and understand it,” if she can. She has been an art teacher, a science teacher, an operating theatre technician, a wedding photographer, and a researcher.

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Jo Penney

Jo Penney started writing to combat panic attacks in her teens. Since then she has studied writing and literature to a Masters level. Her work has appeared in various anthologies, zines & websites. She lives in Warrnambool with her husband and two feline fur kids.

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Cherise Oosthuizen

Cherise Oosthuizen grew up in Australia, born in South Africa, and just trying to survive the rest, but mostly she grew up surrounded by a diverse and wonderful world that demanded recognition, inspired strong implosive emotions, and most of all, deserved to be put into words. 

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Karen Murphy

Karen Murphy is a poet and digital media artist who suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She has been published in Australian Poetry Journal, performed as part of the National Young Writers Festival and is preparing her PhD at Curtin University. Karen also goes by her married name, Karen Lowry.

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Scout Micallef

Scout has enjoyed putting words into sentences, forming relatively interesting stories, from a young age. Scout finds communicating through writing beneficial to dealing with their BPD symptoms and overwhelming anxiety and depression, where paragraphs offer a welcome escape.

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Nina Carter

Nina Carter is a poet, editor and memoirist from Queensland. She’s interested in place and space, and writes about travel and identity. Her writing has appeared in Scum, Stilts, and The Suburban Review. She is currently a poetry editor at Voiceworks, and she tweets @carternnia.

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Daniel Gentile

Danny Gentile is a poet who lives in Newcastle. His work has been widely published in journals including Meanjin and Overland, and numerous anthologies. Most of his life he has lived with Major Depression and Anxiety.

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Cecilia Devlin

Cece is a queer feminist killjoy, Sadgirrl, political agitator and writer. They work in the community outreach sector, spending their time off in the company of as many books & cats as possible. You can find their rantings online at, or featured within local and assorted feminist publications.

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Simon Green

Simon J Green is a Melbourne writer telling stories steeped in the joy of genre. Working in science fiction, horror and comedy, he uses tropes of the fantastic to blow up our social anxieties. Living with with cystic fibrosis, Simon is driven by telling dangerously fun stories readers will love.

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Andy Jackson

Andy Jackson won the 2013 Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize with the thin bridge. His most recent collections are Immune Systems (Transit Lounge 2015), and That knocking (Little Windows 2016). A forthcoming collection, Music our bodies can’t hold, consists of portraits of other people with Marfan Syndrome. He blogs at

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Jessica M Kramer

Jessica M Kramer is a recently-graduated journalist in Toowoomba, Queensland. She has been writing stories since she was eight years old, after being inspired by her late grandfather.

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Ali Pearce

Ali has been going blind basically all her life. She was born in New Zealand where she brought up her four children. She now lives in Melbourne. She is studying computers at vision Australia. She also loves to go out with her guidedog Joey speaking in the community.

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Rebecca Stant

Rebecca comes from Melbourne, attaining her Bachelor’s degree at LaTrobe University in Philosophy and English Literature., Exposed to many writers, she developed an appreciation for the writing process. Rebecca experiences the neuromuscular disease FreIdiech’s Ataxia which makes tasks difficult. Confined to a wheelchair, she perseveres with her writing.

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